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By Jasper Fatallie on May 6, 2016

I luv sports. I luv fighting. I luv gaming. @ultimatestreetfighter

Temple of Anubis is Overwatch's most difficult map to master. The vertical complexity, the amount of backdoors, rooms and choke point that this map has makes it one of the most interesting maps in the game. Newbies will run around in confusion as veterans shred through your backline and kill your healers.

This is the whole layout of the map:

This is how the map looks like from top down, 3D:

As you can see, there are an abundance of vantage points for snipers to jump around. Don't forget to hide in rooms and back alleys, then wait for the attackers to walk past. You can effectively cut off their "supply", flank their healers and surround them.

This is the 3D map from the point of view of the attackers' first spawn point:

3D map of the first objective (point A):

Map of the second objective:

The choke point here makes for a very intense battle. I had a lot of fun playing this map both as the attacker and the defender. The twin door behind the objective provides a nice entrenched position for bastion to simply fire from relative safety.

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Temple of Anubis Reviewed by Jasper Fatallie on . Score: 75